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Raleigh & Clayton Property Agents

We love Raleigh Real Estate agents; we love Clayton Real Estate agents as well! And after you hear about our program you will love us back!


It's an all too familiar scenario in today's real estate market. Raleigh property agents work hard to market their client's property but it is not selling. It has languished for months and they are in danger of losing the listing. All of the time that has been invested will have been for nothing.


We have a solution for Raleigh and Clayton Agents


  • Suggest your client rent it until the market improves
  • Refer them to us to manage it for them,  they don't have to know a thing about being a landlord
  • You get paid a $100 referral fee
  • When the owner is ready to sell we refer them BACK to you at no charge


It's a winning situation for everyone involved. The owner receives revenue to help tide them over until the market improves. You look good in their eyes for helping them get through a tough time. And when it's time to sell you get the property back without paying a referral fee. Call us today to get started.